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Why do you bother?
 With what?
All these things.
 Because they are important.
To you?
But why?
 They are necessary.
They are only necessary for you because they are necessary for everyone else.
 Why would I do so much if it were not for myself?
Purely because it is for everyone else; you know you are not worth so much effort.
 ..And why would I not be..?
Why do you ask? You know you are not.
 ..I am.
You can lie to yourself, maybe you'll believe it someday.
 I'm not lying.
That is another lie. And lies do not work on me.
 Why do you insist that I lie?
Because that is what is left. A hollow mask filled with lies. Filled with failure.
 I am no failure.
But that is all you'll leave behind. All the effort you poor in will be pointless; it will amount to nothing. You are nothing.
 I am not.
Of course, no, you are lies. You are failure. You ar
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There is a scream.
Piercing and scathing
I can't tell.
There are words.
Thrown and tossed
I can't tell.
I see eyes
And their spite.
I can't tell.
I feel pain.
It is clouded with rage and fear.
I can't tell.
This room, this place.
It is blurred.
It is spinning.
It is darkening.
It is numbing.
I am going
I can't tell,
And I don't care.
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I hear the wind,
It is howling.
Do you hear it too?
The door over there,
It shivers and whines.
Do you hear it too?
The spirit of leaves,
It whispers in the tree.
Do you hear it too?
My, the rain,
How it falls like sobs.
Do you hear it too?
Are those screams I hear?
They seem pained and horror-filled.
Do you hear it too?
The sky is livid and its clouds are angry,
Hurling light toward us.
Do you see it too?
The lights are dim and no where near,
The shadows make faces in the black of where I hide.
Do you see it too?
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I Dreamt a Dream
I dreamt a dream
Filled with sheets of white
Stained with wine,
Of dying candles
An smeared ink.
Shattered wood, splintered,
Torn silk and ruined cotton.
I dreamt a dream
Of resounding screams,
Echoing bellows,
Piercing shrieks,
Moaning sobs.
Of rage.
Of sorrow.
Of mourning.
I dreamt a dream
Of hunters' arrows.
Of blacksmiths' hammers.
Of knights' swords.
Of pirates' gunpowder.
Of broken glass,
Shattered stone,
Scarred steel,
Lost dolls.
I dreamt a dream...
That wasn't really a dream...
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When I was small,
They said my heart
Was like a candle.
It would sob and bawl
At the slightest flame.
When I was little,
They thought I just
Didn't like to talk;
I was better off
Left alone.
When I was young,
They said I was
It was easy for me
To escape their notice.
If only they had seen me
Just once, maybe.
Twice, if they could.
When I am old,
I hope they can notice me
At last.
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Before I Die
When I died
Did you mourn?
Did you cry?
Did you smile?
Did you rejoice?
Was there a slouch 
In your walk, 
Or a spring in your step?
Was your face
Set grim,
Or was there
A lilt to your lips?
Was there a frown
On your mouth,
Or perhaps a smirk?
Did you pray 
For my soul in heaven, 
Or wonder
How I was doing in hell?
Could it be
You felt sorrow in
Your heart
Or a mere nonchalance?
Does my disappearance
Leave a void
Or have you not noticed?
Do you have other such matters
To occupy your time?
To hear the birds
Twittering about.
Could it be
That my absence
Does not bother you?
I am merely disposable,
Dispensable and quite
Perhaps, I'd have been
Better off had you
Sent me a note beforehand.
At least then,
I wouldn't have had to waste
All those years
Next time,
Leave a note
Before I die.
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Saima Akther
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United Kingdom
Well, I love to draw and paint and I also love to write stories and poems. I take pictures of a lot of odd stuff, you know, completely random. In case the name didn't clue you in, I love The Avengers; total Marvel fan. I'm also obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra and, well, i'm not sure what else to write. Message me if you want, i'm a little shy and quiet by nature but I doubt that'll hold me back here.

BTW, can you tell I adore Toothless? I'd say it was real but I'd be lying.


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