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I hope and pray no one else has ever had a phsycopath for a teacher. Really, I do. No one deserves to go through such cruel torture.

We've known this for quite a while now, don't get me wrong.

I'm pretty sure we ALL realised this that one lesson when she was droning on, like she does, the whole class in complete silence, when she suddenly starts screaming at us to shut up. If that's not a sign that she's loco, I'm not sure what is.

She also can't teach to save her life.

I mean, sure, we may be top set science, but we can't exactly teach ourselves something we've never seen before; that's what the teacher is for. I don't think she realises that lecturing us for 45 minutes and then expecting us to complete half an hours work in 15 minutes isn't going to work. Especially when whatever she was going on about was really just going right over our heads. Of course, that was last year. Not that this years any different, or better really. Cause, she's still lecturing but now she gives these annoying little worksheets. I'm sensing a conspiracy at work.

The whole class hates her; we even complain about her to our physics and biology teachers. I swear, the only reason she hasn't been fired yet is because when other teachers come in to assess her and stuff, she actually starts teaching us shit.

Today though, today was a milestone in our mission to get rid of her.

A guy in our class broke the ice, though.

After she finished screwing at us for the first 10 minutes of the lesson about how it's our own fault we're failing, he spoke up, telling her that he 'personally' didn't learn from the sheets and that he'd learn better if she taught us from the book.

That kinda set off a bomb.

Everyone started yelling at her, trying to get through her thick head that WE ARE NOT LEARNING ANYTHING FROM THOSE GODDAMN BLOODY SHEETS!! The dense cow obviously wasn't getting the message no matter how much we screamed at her. We wasted another 20 minutes of the lesson trying to get the message across.

Honestly, I pity the poor souls who end up with her as their teacher. Really, I do.

So, I'm not just saying she's a phsycopath because I hate her. I mean, I do hate her, but for good reason. And, if you still don't believe me, I know at least 20 people, at least, who can testify to that.


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Well, I love to draw and paint and hope to make a career out of it. I also love to write stories and stuff, so there's that aswell. I take pictures of a lot of odd stuff, you know, completely random. As for pictures and drawings that I upload, i'm gonna apologise in advance for bad quality; most of it would probably be taken from my phone, so yah, sorry. In case the name didn't clue you in, I love The Avengers; total Marvel fan. I'm also obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra and, well, i'm not sure what else to write. Message me if you want, i'm a little shy and quiet by nature but i don't think that matters too much here.

BTW, guess who's wearing Hello Kitty socks(?)

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