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Why do you bother?
 With what?
All these things.
 Because they are important.
To you?
But why?
 They are necessary.
They are only necessary for you because they are necessary for everyone else.
 Why would I do so much if it were not for myself?
Purely because it is for everyone else; you know you are not worth so much effort.
 ..And why would I not be..?
Why do you ask? You know you are not.
 ..I am.
You can lie to yourself, maybe you'll believe it someday.
 I'm not lying.
That is another lie. And lies do not work on me.
 Why do you insist that I lie?
Because that is what is left. A hollow mask filled with lies. Filled with failure.
 I am no failure.
But that is all you'll leave behind. All the effort you poor in will be pointless; it will amount to nothing. You are nothing.
 I am not.
Of course, no, you are lies. You are failure. You are insignificant. You are forgettable. You may not be nothing, but you are certainly as. Good. As.
 ...You are wrong.
Oh really?
 I may be small and insignificant compared to the rest of the world,
That you certainly are.
 And there may always be someone who who will always be better,
Of course there will be-
 But I am of a design completely of my own,
And why would anyone care for someone like you-
 And I am strong,
 Cared for,
No one would-
They never want-
 And loved.
They don't-
 And you will never tell me I can't,
You can-
 That I will never,
Don't think-
 And that I am not anything,
But you-
 Because you are now,
Now hold-
 And forever more,
Wait you can't-
First note, and probably the most important, please DO NOT take this personally. I mean no digs at any of you and this is meant to be quite generic and doubt-overcoming. Please don't take it the wrong way. Please  ,o n o


Huh. That was my only note. Oh well. c:
There is a scream.
Piercing and scathing
I can't tell.

There are words.
Thrown and tossed
I can't tell.

I see eyes
And their spite.
I can't tell.

I feel pain.
It is clouded with rage and fear.
I can't tell.

This room, this place.
It is blurred.
It is spinning.
It is darkening.
It is numbing.
I am going
I can't tell,
And I don't care.
Just a poem I wrote; it was quite a while ago so I can't say very much about it.
Stage Henna by SAMtheAvenger
Stage Henna
A few friends of mine were performing The Tempest at a Shakespeare Festival; this friend, in particular, was playing a female Prospero: Prospera. So, yah. I did her henna.


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Saima Akther
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Well, I love to draw and paint and I also love to write stories and poems. I take pictures of a lot of odd stuff, you know, completely random. In case the name didn't clue you in, I love The Avengers; total Marvel fan. I'm also obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra and, well, i'm not sure what else to write. Message me if you want, i'm a little shy and quiet by nature but I doubt that'll hold me back here.

BTW, can you tell I adore Toothless? I'd say it was real but I'd be lying.

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